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From the chassis and fiberglass exterior to the hardwood and fiberglass cabinets, each has proven to withstand the test of the day to day use and the miles covered over rough and underdeveloped roads. Diamond Component trailers are built to help you win.

Lets talk. The more we know about your goals and needs for your dealership or customers, the better we can serve you.


Diamond Components, Inc. was born out of the demand for innovative mobile solutions in a variety of industries in emerging markets around the globe, ranging from the oil and entertainment industries to the military. The team at Diamond is always seeking to be a partner with our customers by developing solutions that help them succeed. We know that if we help you win; we win.

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23 hours ago

2020-3 Room Prototype Model A
Inside pictures coming soon

1 week ago

New 2020 - 2 Room Model C

1 week ago

2020-2 Room trailer for the Entertainment Industry in Chicago Illinois

1 week ago

We have been granted a great honor and responsibility by the Almighty God and those who have gone before us. Let's stay the course!

2 weeks ago

May you all have a blessed, safe, enjoyable day with those you love, celebrating our Independence as a Nation! From all of us at Diamond Components, Inc. Specialty Trailers, Happy 4th Of July!

2 weeks ago

Today is our sweet Lanae’s last day, so we’re celebrating!

3 weeks ago
Diamond Components, Inc. Specialty Trailers

We asked Professional Stylist Sara of Salon 6 And Professional Make-Up Artist Cintya of Allure Glamour by Arlet what they think of our Hair & Make-Up Studio Trailer and why they love working in this 8 Station Professional Mobile Salon Studio. As you can see in our video here, they love it!
At Diamond Components Specialty Trailers, we have been hard at work building the most elite, stunning, and ... See more

4 weeks ago

At Diamond Components Specialty Trailers, we are known for pleasing customers with our customizable Command Center Trailers! We take pride in building mobile command trailers that are used in a variety of situations offering many variations in many different sizes and customizations across a multitude of industries such as Police & Military, Oil, Gas & Mining, Fire Departments, Entertainment, and ... See more

1 month ago

Our Bittersweet News comes at you today from our Dear Lanae:

"I want to take a moment to let you know that I have submitted my notice of resignation from my position at Diamond Components a few weeks ago. My employment will end in at the end of June. This was a difficult decision for me as I love the team at Diamond and the responsibilities, however, I've decided to transition in my personal ... See more

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