Friday, November 9th, 2018 was the 2nd year that Diamond Specialty Vehicles has been blessed to participate in nonprofit volunteer work, packing meals together for Feed My Starving Children at Nappanee Missionary Church in Nappanee, IN. All but 1 member (who was sick) of our team served for about an hour-and-a-half, last Friday the 9th. We rented 2 vans to get everyone there. It was such a special time being part of this awesome event, with thousands of other volunteers, to pack more than 2 million meals in four days to provide food to 75 local pantries and send nutritious meals to millions of hungry children! It’s such a great cause!  In all it was a very fun day and a good team building experience serving in a way that will reach and help so many others around the world.

We’ve heard stories of the kids who receive the meals. When Nappanee Missionary Church first began to host MobilePacks in 2010, over 18,000 kids died every day from starvation. In 2015, this number was just over 6,000 kids. Obviously this number is still too high. We deeply desire to live in a world where the number of kids who die every day is zero. Yet, we have seen God’s faithfulness to bring this number down as organizations all over the world seek to eradicate starvation. To read a blog excerpt from Feed My Hungry Children with a story of just one of the lives changed by this awesome program, click here:

This week wasn’t about Nappanee Missionary Church or Diamond Specialty Vehicles. It’s not even about FMSC or MobilePacks. It’s all about the Lord. It’s about His heart for those He created. It’s about His heart for justice and for the least of these. It’s about bringing glory to Him and following His commands to look out for those who have nothing. This week isn’t about us or the number of meals we packed at NMC. It’s about the Lord.

We strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to donate to this great cause! You can go to the “Feed My Starving Children” website to safely give a tax deductible donation!!/donation/checkout

Thanks to our local news organization for featuring this great cause!