Hair & Make-up Studio Trailers

//Hair & Make-up Studio Trailers

Hair & Make-up Studio Trailers

Hair & Make-Up Studio Trailers

At Diamond Components Specialty Trailers, we have been hard at work building the most elite, stunning, innovative Hair & Make-Up Studio Trailers to please even the pickiest of celebrities for on-set Film Production Prep! Each Station is equipped with professionally lighting, numerous AC Outlets, Flat-Screen TV’s & Numerous entertainment options for celebrity clientele, ergonomic and convenient Tool & Appliance Receptacles, Product Storage Compartments, Wig Storage Drawers, Air Conditioning, a Kitchenette, Excellent Ventilation, Front & Rear Entrances, Hydraulic Slide-Outs to maximize Space, and much more! Our Hair and Makeup Trailer for Film, TV and Commercial Productions is the elite in the industry; read on to learn why!

“’Bad lighting is toxic”, said Mariah Carey, who is constantly in the spotlight and good make-up is an important part of her whole appearance. In March we’re going to tell you about how important good light is for ladies’ beauty and confidence.

Every make-up artist and hairdresser acknowledges that in their business, a big part of the budget is invested in the right lighting. It has to be as close to natural light as possible so that all colours can be seen for what they truly are. LED lighting is a very close approximation.

Light is of the utmost importance in applying the make-up. It lights up your face accurately to allow you to make the right choices. When choosing the lighting, pick such that has a high colour rendering index (CRI). V-TAC LEDs have a colour rendering index of over 80 (CRI>80), on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher the value of CRI, the better the capability of light sources to represent realistic colours.

Apart from buying good quality light sources, we need to position them properly. They have to be put right in front of your face. If you locate them above your head, you will make a mistake. Then the light will be blazing and will cast a shadow, which will make you put too much make-up on. But the biggest mistake would be to use fluorescent lighting, which is too bright and will prevent you from choosing the right combination of colours and applying them in the exact amounts to make you look good.”-

We, at Diamond Components Specialty Trailers, completely agree with Mariah, that quality lighting is imperative tothe hard work that goes into perfect performance-ready hair & make-up for the set, stage, or screen! That is why our trailers are incredibly well-lit, some of the best in the industry for quality vibrant lighting for the best product application for every production!

We believe in your profession as a makeup and hair artist, and want your clientele to believe in you also! As Alicia Van Couvering says in Filmmakers Magazine: “Congratulations, you got a celebrity to agree to act in your dark and personal microbudget film project! But if you think you can shove them into the corner of a church basement and do their makeup on a few folding chairs, think again. A celebrity who is already worried about the integrity of the production will become catastrophically more nervous if the makeup chair is wobbly.

“The makeup and hair area is your chance to make a first impression with an actor,” Hugo says. She says that when hiring, she examines personalities as carefully as portfolios. “You want to set a tone that reflects how you plan to run the whole movie.”

Every film should make sure that the hair/makeup department works in a quiet, private area, one with, depending on the season, heating or air-conditioning. It should be well lit and outfitted with high-backed director’s chairs, a table, mirror and powder and makeup supplies. There should be coffee, water and access to craft service. Fresh flowers and an iPod stereo are always nice.

“If the set up doesn’t look right, actors get very suspicious,” says Hindsgaul. A big actor is risking a lot when they do an indie — they’re worried that the movie isn’t going to be good, they’re worried that no one knows what they’re doing. “You have to sort of wrap them in a welcome blanket,” Scott says. “If they walk onto a set that isn’t running efficiently, they’re thrown for a huge loop. But if the hair and makeup is run properly, at least they feel a little grounded.”

We couldn’t agree with you more, Alicia! That is why our Hair & Makeup Traileroffers 8 Shiny Spectacular Makeup Stations, including setup for an Air Brush System! All of the Cabinetry is Hardwood and Custom Designed. There are 4 TV’s setup for Mobile Satellite System, a full Stereo System, and Remote Controlled Power Fans & Vents for Celebrities Comfort.

Our Celebrity Hair & Makeup Salon Offers 2 Hair Sinks, Setup for Towel Warmer, Water Heater, Adjustable Lighting, a 15 KW Generator for remote shoot locations, and Electrical Surge Protection. There is of course a Curbside Pop-out (hydraulic Slide-Out) to maximize space for the hustle bustle of a hurried team of experts creating the amazing visual results we all have long come to admire from members of IATSETheatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists, and Allied Crafts-Persons!

Of course, when your team of artists are working sometimes 15 hours a day in the trailer, it can be hard to find time to eat! We’ve designed our Specialty Hair & Makeup Trailer with this in mind, creating a Kitchenette with a Refrigerator, Microwave, and Countertops for quick, energizing, healthy meal-prep!

Because we care not only for the safety of your team of artists who will be working inside the trailer, but also for your entire set crew, we make this entire trailer safe, sturdy, long-lasting, and durable! This trailer features Powered Stabilizer Jacks and the Pop-Out is hydraulically powered. The Entry Steps are adjustable for safety and comfort.

Our Hair & Makeup Trailer is built to withstand rough roads, strong winds and rain, electrical outages, and hot climates. We’ve built in so much custom cabinetry for storage of everything you may possibly need no matter what your set location, film genre, climate challenges, or movie director throw at you! Like Get In Mediasays, “While the trailers on set may look familiar, shooting locations may vary from a production lot in LA to unpredictable terrain in the middle of the desert or a rainy tropical region. The key makeup artist must plan for all eventualities that can affect the function of his or her department; that means accounting for weather, electrical needs (in coordination with the generator operator), and ensuring that there is a sufficient quantity of extra supplies. When on location in a remote setting, there is no sending an assistant out for more Q-tips or concealer.”

“Hair and makeup is one of the biggest aspects of a film production, because it sets the look of the actors whom the film focuses on. Hair and makeup is typically the first place within a production that talent goes in the morning, and nothing can happen until he or she is ready for the camera.

If, for example, a production does not allocate a proper space or its hair and makeup artists to work with talent in the morning and throughout the production day, it could literally mean disaster for the production. Delays will most certainly be incurred, and if the hair and makeup artists are not able to do their work to the best of their abilities, the film as a whole will suffer. When shooting on location, it is far too big a risk to trust a location to provide a working space for hair and makeup. Particularly with outdoor shoots in remote areas, a hair and makeup trailer is a near necessity.

Hair and makeup trailers are equipped with mirrors, proper lighting, proper power, and often running water and bathrooms. From the outside, the hair and makeup trailer has the appearance of a trailer for talent – it looks like a large recreational vehicle. On the inside, the hair and makeup trailer looks like a self-contained salon or dressing room, with chairs lined up in front of mirrors lined with lights. This is where the magic happens.

Finding a proper makeup trailer is not something that should be taken lightly. Because of the types of materials often used inside the hair and makeup trailer – aerosols, hairsprays, and other chemicals – proper ventilation is absolutely a must. For the safety of the talent who will be in and out of the trailer and in particular the hair and makeup artists who will spend all day every day in the trailer, all safety regulations must be accounted for and checked regularly.

Hair and makeup trailers also must be equipped with working air conditioning. This is not only for the comfort and safety of those working inside the trailer, but also for the work that is being done. Hair and makeup application involves sensitive materials, and it’s important that the environment in which they are being applied be proper. This too is a reason why hair and makeup trailers are so important to a production. If a shoot is occurring in a hot Adirondack park in the middle of summer, for example, there may be vast open spaces where the hair and makeup artists may get to work. However when heat and humidity – not to mention mosquitoes – start to interfere, it causes delays to the hair and makeup process and ultimately to the entire production.

Location shoots are typically regulated by time even more than a shoot that occurs in a sound stage. Producers and crew members alike can attest that a delay due to hair and makeup can literally mean the difference between finishing a day as planned or needing to add an entire new shoot day. The hair and makeup trailer is, therefore, one of the most essential pieces of the film production puzzle.” –Quote from thisBLOG.

If you’ve spent much time around Universal Studios Hollywood, you’ve likely seen one of our trailers there! If you haven’t seen one, but would like to know more about how you can have a Specialty Hair & Makeup Salon Trailer custom built for your team, give us a call at: (574) 358-0452! Our team at Diamond Components, Inc. Specialty Trailers is hard at work creating, designing, crafting, welding, building, and buffing custom trailers for our customers and dealers! We love the challenge of building a trailer that has never been made before, fulfilling the dreams and needs of our amazing collaborating clientele! If you have been imagining how your business could be stronger with a custom built trailer, the sky is the limit, and we’ll help you fulfill those desires and win in your industry!

Our Hair & Make-Up Salon Trailer is well-known with many Make-Up & Hair Artistsfor the bright flattering lighting, ergonomic and convenient appliance set-up, entertainment options for clientele, storage cabinets, kitchenette, excellent air conditioning & heating, windows, and everything a Stylist needs to work their magic!We also provide 2 & 3 Room Studio Talent Trailers, bright clean modern well-ventilated and heated 4 Stall Sanitation Trailers, Team Collaboration Conference Rooms, and so much more that can be customized specifically for your company’s distinct needs!

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