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Office Trailer Encyclopedia

What is a Mobile Office Trailer?

mobile office is a pre-manufactured portable building that provides office space for your commercial needs. Similar to a modular building, a mobile office is assembled in a controlled environment and delivered to a specific location. A Mobile Officeis a towable office built on an axled iron frame for easy relocation. Mobile field offices are often found on construction sites, or at disaster scenes where a temporary office space is needed. This type of office has most of the trappings of a regular office with the caveat that it can all be broken down or relocated when necessary. Much of the same sort of furniture and equipment found in a permanent office would be used. What qualifies the office as mobileis the ability to move it at will rather than any particular mobility of the equipment used.

Also known as a Portable Office Trailer, Mobile Office trailers are great for those in-between times in your working life. Maybe you’ve outgrown your home office but aren’t ready to commit to leasing a full space, or maybe your office’s headquarters are undergoing major renovations, but you still need a place for your team to hit their goals. They are also great for companies whose work sites shift from job to job, such as construction companies, and need mobile office space. Project managers can thus supervise the job while on-site and still have a place to make phone calls, schedule meetings, order materials, meet with clients & employees, and track the project. Needless to say, the viability of the mobile office has changed the way the world does business!

Who uses a Mobile Office Trailer?

Mobile Officesare designed by our awesome team of engineers and craftsmen with flexibility in mind, making them popular among a broad range of industries including, but not limited to the following:

  • Construction
  • Energy & Power Plants
  • Oil, Gas, & Mining Industry
  • Administrative
  • Government
  • Education
  • Financial & Banking
  • Institutional
  • Medical, Healthcare, & Dental

Our Office Trailers are so much more than an “office shack”! They can completely change your business! Is the cab of your Ford F150doubling as your mobile office on job sites?Are you sick of your job site office trailer being disposable, chintzy, uninsulated, and costing your company way more than it should, despite tax write-offs? Are you ready for a ruggedly built Office trailer that truly holds up to all of the miles and job sites that you can throw at it? If you are done with being ordinary, done with the chaos of your truck cab being your office, done with disposable location trailers, contact us at Diamond Components, Inc. Specialty Trailers! We will work with you to custom design the Office Trailer that meets all of your needs for your team in your industry! You will be amazed at the quality of our office trailers and at how much easier and more efficient your team will be when you step into your custom designed specialty office trailer! The well-lit 17RE Office trailerfeatures a desk, a storage sofa, mini-fridge/microwave/kitchenette area, file cabinets, drawers, closet, windows, heaters, wired for a TV and more plus custom options are available!

Mobile Office Types & Trends:

Construction Office Trailer:
The most popular use for temporary office trailers is a construction trailer. These trailers are easy to set up, use right away, and can store or haul items in transit between sites.

As Administrative Offices, they give clerical employees and site management a place to do paperwork, have meetings and collaborate on the job. It decreases travel time between office and jobsite locations, increasing productivity, and allows for on-the-spot adjustments and corrections. Many models come with built-in cabinets and standard office needs; however, you can request accessories that make sense for you!

Sales Office Showrooms: are another popular use, allowing staff to meet potential clients and customers. You can customize your sales trailer to fit your requirements and just look for space to set it up and get started.

A properly equipped office trailer can also function as a lab, allowing soil and water testing to be done onsite. They also function as training offices, letting you train new personnel.

Education is another popular industry that utilizes office trailers as temporary space. As budgets become tighter, office trailers are a cost effective option to increase the number of classrooms, classroom space and allow for smaller class sizes. Such innovations allow more children to go to school.

Smaller classrooms have been shown effective in improving learning and directing the focus of the classroom participants.

The healthcare field has been increasing its use of office and modular trailers. They can be temporary or permanent and used for a wide range of purposes, such as the following:

  • Family health clinic
  • Mobile emergency or urgent care facilities in a disaster
  • Rehab centers
  • Laboratories
  • Physical therapy facilities
  • Dialysis centers

Office trailers enable quick expansion with limitless potential in floor plans, designs and other customizations. They can also be re-purposed quickly as demands change.

Office trailers are often used by the government for military forces and domestic emergency teams. Trailers can be hauled in and set up quickly into command centers, base of operations, and housing for personnel. Emergency departments can be onsite within hours of an emergency with gear, testing equipment, medical supplies and telecommunication equipment.

Oil, Gas, & Mining:

Our field offices provide a private, comfortable working area with excellent visibility. These mobile field offices feature options such as a desk, plan table, hardwood cabinets & drawers, kitchenette, bright overhead lighting, Queen Size Bed with linen storage cabinetry built-in, bathroom with IncinoletToilet, a Wardrobe, and overhead shelves. Heat and air conditioning options ensure employee comfort in all weather conditions.

One such option we proudly build at Diamond Components Specialty Trailers is our 26′ Command Office Trailer!The large bathroom provides storage shelves & hooks, houses the Cummins Inc Diesel Generator, has a Sink & Heater, and an IncinoletToilet!!! The Office Area features a large desk area with Hardwood File Cabinets & Drawers, large window, lots of excellent lighting, and a TV overhead. The Kitchenette features a large heater, a Broom Closet, Hardwood Cabinetry, Fridge & Freezer, Overhead Microwave, Excellent Lighting, & a Window. The Sleeping Area includes a Large Wardrobe, Full-Size Bed, and lots of Hardwood Shelving! This Command Center has it all! But, if you need it customized differently and specifically to your business, we can do that as well! Give us a call and find out how great we are to work with!

Our all-season mobile office accommodations are perfect for (but not limited to) construction, commercial and oilfield, education, emergency management, and industrial industries. No matter where your work takes you across the country, we provide the perfect spaces to suit all your office needs! At Diamond Components Specialty Trailers, we do things right! Here are some of those things we automatically do:

  • The V-nose construction allows for better fuel economy and ease of towing
  • Bonded wall construction
  • 6” tube steel frame
  • 3/4” tongue and groove plywood floor
  • Torsion running gear
  • Highest insulation value in the industry, using  Radiant Technology Insulation in both the floor and ceiling, along with a heavy duty insulation package, to maximize R values
  • Our Trailers have been professionally tested and found to be approximately 40% more energy efficient than the competition
  • Our units have the largest entrance door in the industry with double latches at the top and bottom to prevent twisting while travelling on rough roads
  • Each unit comes with a spare tire and 100 ft. flexible cord situated in the front of the nose to keep them clean and provides added exterior storage
  • All of our units come with two sets of stabilizing jacks for added stability when in use
  • Our wider stance gives you added interior room so you don’t feel cramped and more interior space gives you more interior storage

Unlike a permanent build, a mobile office is ready to go as soon as it is delivered. This can reduce your cost as much as 30% compared to a traditional build, which is usually a much longer process. As we mentioned earlier, there are a number of industries that utilize temporary office trailers, such as construction, education, healthcare, mining, government, warehousing and manufacturing. This speaks to their versatility; office trailers are great for sales or administrative space, giving clerical staff and management a center base for operations, customer service and planning. Office trailers are also beneficial as a shelter and home base for workmen, giving them a place to store their gear, warm up, cool down or take breaks.

The number of people occupying the space is the primary factor in determining the size and type of trailer to rent, lease or buy. The rule of thumb for determining office space is allowing 100 to 150 square feet per person. Trailer sizes run from 8’ x 16’ (ideal for one person) to 24’ x 64’ (a conference room fitting 10 people), etc. While you may not want to pay for extra space, ensuring adequate area to accomplish work is a huge plus for your employees! Employee comfort and retention will make up for the small additional cost in the long run!

Mobile Offices Uses: Four Interesting Uses

Mobile office uses are typically connected with construction job sites, and many think that’s the only job it’s really used for. But a modular office is a flexible, useful building that gives you near infinite capability. Here are a few interesting use cases that show off just how versatile these offices really are.

Outdoor Festivals & Marathons

Marathon staff use mobile offices as crew headquarters, offices, and command posts all along the marathon’s route. These portable offices allow them to keep staff on site as the race unfolds and meet the demands not just of the runners at the race, but the thousands more who turn out to root them on. Music festivals also benefit from using these mobile units as they can be turned into a first aid room, celebrity prep room, or even a security office.

Wedding & Event Dressing Rooms and Bathrooms

As outdoor events like music festivals and renaissance fairs have become more popular, they’ve faced a fairly serious problem: bathrooms for the crowds and personal facilities for performers. Our Mobile offices can be customized to offer bathroom facilities, and they can also be used to provide high quality dressing rooms for performers who need a moment before they get on stage, an especially valuable amenity for summer concerts. Weddings at outdoor venues are often in need of clean, no-smell, air-conditioned, well-lit restroom trailers for their guests’ private comfortable relief. Our high-end, 4 room restroom trailers provide you with all the comforts of your home loo, wherever the Venue location.
The New Standard in Eco-Friendly restroom Trailers, for your most discerning and picky Brides!

High Profile Sports Events

No sports network has a home office in every city that claims a team, and that can become a problem quickly when they need to cover events like the Super Bowl, the Masters, etc. So, weeks before the big game unfolds, you’ll find sports networks from around the country putting up mobile offices to host staff, to offer workspace for behind-the-scenes personnel, and to provide a more pleasant, efficient work environment. It allows professionals to do their jobs and gives them the tools they need to ensure every broadcast is perfect.

Remodeling Large Space

If you need office space in an extremely large enclosed space, like a warehouse or an aircraft hangar, you don’t have a lot of options. Either you can build out the space, which can be expensive and not always financially viable, or you can rent space somewhere near the building and shuttle to and from, which can be inconvenient. Or, instead, you can install a modular office. Especially if you simply need enclosed office space and have other facilities like bathrooms and Wi-Fi easily reachable in the building, a mobile office lets you simply order the office for delivery, wire it to your electrical infrastructure, boot up your computer, and get to work. You don’t have to wait for a contractor or rack up miles on your company car; you can simply be on-site and available to consult, right away.

Will Client Meetings be held in Your Mobile Office?

Finally, while calculating your business’ needs is crucial to determining the amount of space and setup you will need in your office trailer, so is whether or not you will have clients visiting. If you want your clients to be comfortable in your Mobile Office, it likely won’t be wise to have your meeting area in the same place where your construction workers are coming in to get their coffee. Consider all of the different people who will be accessing the office trailer, and the ways in which you can maximize space usage while still making everyone comfortable. Customer waiting areas can make or break a deal, so particularly if you are seeing clients on a regular basis, make sure these areas are separate enough and outfitted accordingly. We can help you create a custom trailer layout particularly to meet these needs.

Our 21RD-2 300 Series Office Traileris a great example! It is 21’x8’, 2 Large Windows, a Large built in desk with plenty of counter space for rolling out blueprints, spreading out files, and more. The desk features a hardwood file cabinet and set of drawers, a built-in TV display over the large desktop at a corner angle, plenty of Shelving, and has excellent bright overhead lighting. There is also a “Jiffy Sofa” with open shelving above, a great place to host clients or team members.

The kitchenette offers a Microwave, Refrigerator/Freezer Combo, and storage cabinets. There is a closet for storage & cleaning supplies. At the entrance of the office trailer is a waiting area for guests, with a half door separating them from the actual office. There is also a small separate meeting room to fit two people for private discussions. 2 Large windows add extra lighting to the office and can be opened for breeze and ventilation.

There are MANY reasons why an Office Trailer could be the perfect office space solution for your business! Purchasing and owning it is much less expensive than the overhead of a brick-and-mortar office. Plus, you can take it pretty much wherever you want to go. Diamond Components Specialty Trailershas a variety of enclosed trailer styles, sizes, and purposes to choose from (width and length) and endless ways to customize, so that you can match your need and budget precisely!

Diamond Components Specialty Trailershas a strong history of engineering and building innovative mobile solutions in a variety of industries in emerging markets around the globe, ranging from the oil and entertainment industries to the military. From the chassis and fiberglass exterior to the hardwood and fiberglass cabinets, each has proven to withstand the test of the day to day use and the miles covered over rough and underdeveloped roads. Diamond Component trailers are built to help you win. Follow us on Facebook to see more of the awesome projects we’ve been fortunate to work on!

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